Published on : March 31, 2017 09:44


Selling at Auction | Success Stories from the Sellers!

2017 really is the year of the Auction! We’ve already achieved some staggering results and had some very happy sellers who’ve achieved far more, in a faster time frame, than they normally would have with an estate agent. With the closing date for lots only days away (April 5th) there’s still time to sell your property at our next auction.  Remember selling at auction is one of the best ways to sell your property for a better price and a speedy sale! But don’t just take our word on that. Below are a few examples of why it really does pay to sell at an Edward Mellor Auction.

Stewart Cable had a fantastic time selling his property at auction with Edward Mellor. After being told he would achieve around £95,000 for his property by other local estate agents, Stewart decided he’d try selling at auction after other friends recommended Edward Mellor. On the day, the Gavel dropped at £108,000 with the property exceeding Stewart’s expectations selling £13,000 more than what other estate agents said he would achieve.

Jonathan Clark put his property under the gavel and loved the fantastic service provided by the Edward Mellor Auction team. On the day, Jonathan’s property was priced at around £80,000 and achieved a price of £105,000 an increase of £25,000. A fantastic result for both Jonathan and the hardworking auction team.

Auction seller Peter Boswell talks to us about his success at auction and how the Edward Mellor Auction team managed to maximize his properties potential and get the best price for him!


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