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Published on : January 8, 2019 13:24

10 ways the Amazon Echo can help in your new home

10 ways the Amazon can help in your new home

The year 2018 has arguably been the year of the smart speaker; but the best rated smart speaker above all is by far the Amazon Echo.

It really is like having a personal assistant in the home, that will help you shop, manage smart home devices and much more. Not only is it a speaker and smart device rolled into one, but the design also looks the part. With a fabric grille wrap, giving it an interior design flavour to fit nicely into your home.

Here are some great reasons why you would want an Echo in your home.

1. Reminders

The Echo allows you to set reminders for anything and everything, you simply request Alexa to set a reminder, for the day and time you want. For example, “Alexa, set a reminder to pick the children up from school at 4:30 today”. It is as simple as that.

2. Save money

With the help of Alexa, you are able to turn off specific devices in your home, such as a Microsoft Xbox or lightbulbs helping you save energy and money.

You can control your Xbox one console with a simple voice command, you just have to turn on your Xbox and enable the skill. You can also turn off lights, with the Phillips Hue lightbulbs.

3. Alarm clock

Rather than waking up to a basic & rather irritating beep-beep-beep, you can tell Alexa to play a specific song, radio station or music genre at a specific time. This means you can wake up to listening to your favourite jams. An example may be, “Alexa, set an alarm for 7 am using BBC Radio 1”.

4. Call a contact

If you wanted to call someone when you are busy with the kids or in a rush out, you can simply Ask Alexa to call one of your contacts, for example, “Alexa, Call Craig” and she will take you to a call with your contact with George.

5. Order a takeaway

Who doesn’t love a cheeky takeaway to help settle you into your new pad? The echo can help you with just that. You can get pizza delivered straight to your abode without even lifting a finger. Just say “Alexa, call Dominos”

6. Scare off burglars

Instead of leaving your lights or TV on when you leave your house, you can now use Alexa to trick burglars into thinking people are home. Say “Alexa, run Away Mode” and Alexa will play a recorded, insufferable conversation. Potential crooks will hear from an eclectic cast of characters including an overly technical space-pirate roleplay game, a mother attempting to assemble Ikea furniture and a would-be podcaster.


7. Texting

Any Android smartphone users can send text messages hands-free via the Alexa app. iPhone users can do the same using Mastermind skill which is another app, that now only allows you to send and receive SMS messages, but it is also an aid for helping you if you were to lose your phone.

8. Wine finder

You can’t beat a lovely glass of some fine wine to welcome you into your new home. Believe it or not, Alexa will help you find the best wine to compliment the food you are eating. Just say “Alexa, open Wine Finder” and let it know what food you are eating. Alexa will instantly give you the best match for you.

9. Recipe ideas

Now you are in a brand-new home, why not try out some brand-new dishes? With the skill Allrecipes, the Echo has access to around 60,000 recipes for you to get your hands on. Just simply ask “Alexa, show me recipes for pasta dishes”.

10. New home, new lifestyle?

Alexa can help you get into shape with the 7-minute-workout skill. If you say, “Alexa, start 7-minute workout,” the virtual assistant will suggest exercises that will increase your metabolism, improve your energy and remove fat. If you are struggling with the exercises, you can even take some breaks, allowing to work at your own pace.

Home workout

If you are looking to sell your home this January, look no further. We are giving away a FREE Amazon Echo to anyone who instructs with us. Take a look here for more information.


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