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Published on : January 24, 2019 15:49

Saving money in winter

8 Top Tips To Save On Energy Bills This Winter!

Whether you are looking to help save the planet, or just want to save a few quid, reducing your energy bills can really make a difference.

Heating your property (especially if you live in England!) can be one of the most expensive bills you pay.

Here are some top tips to save energy costs this winter…

1.    Use the sun for free heat

Wherever possible, get your blinds and curtains open to bring free heat into your home. Especially those with a south-facing garden, you can really benefit from capturing the sun into your house.

2.    Bundle up with warm accessories

This is probably the easiest way to save on your energy bill. Instead of turning on the heating, put on your winter woollies. It sounds obvious, but it really does the trick! Layer up as much as you can, with cosy sweaters and warm socks.

Keeping warm in winter

3.    Switch to energy-saving LED bulbs

Replacing all your light bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs may be an investment, but these newer energy-saving bulbs last much longer than non-energy-saving ones.

4.    Use your heating the right way

Ensure you only have the heating on in your house when you need it. There is a myth that it is cheaper to leave the heating on low all day can be cheaper. According to Energy Saving Trust and British Gas, this is not correct. Look into getting a smart thermostat. This allows you to control the heating of your home remotely, from your smartphone or tablet.

5.    Only heat the rooms you use

IF you have any rooms across your house that are never in use, like a guest room, for example, ensure that any radiators in those rooms are closed and sealed to be more energy efficient.

6.    Invest in insulation

Thousands and thousands of pounds are lost each year in energy costs due to escaping the heat and cold air in homes without property insulation. Invest in some insulation from a local DIY shop, and cover those areas where heat could escape.

Home insulation

7.    Shrink your bills, not your clothes

90% of a washing machine’s energy expenditure is spent on heating the water, if you wash your clothes on 30-40-degrees, you will save a significant amount of money long term.

8.    Switch energy supplier

If you have not looked into changing our energy supplier, maybe now is the time. You could save up to £169 when changing supplier. This is due to most fixed energy deals lasting for three years, or less. Therefore, if you roll over this time period, you will automatically be moved onto a default tariff, which is highly unlikely to be the cheapest deal.

Be proactive this winter and get your energy bills to a minimum!

February is a really great time for you to get your house onto the market, as there are many people who are motivated to make a change at the start of the New Year.

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