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Published on : February 19, 2018 15:04

How To Add Value To Your Home

How to add value to your home

Buying a property is probably the most expensive financial transaction we will ever make, so where we can, we try and maximise its value while still altering it to make it the ideal home.
If you are thinking about selling up or just looking to add value to your property, here are some handy hints and tips to help you out…


Creating a completely new colour scheme can give a tired room a new lease of life! Whether that’s investing in new furniture or a fresh coat of paint, it will make the house feel fresh and clean. Redecorating not only transforms your well-loved rooms into a completely new space, but it’s also a great way to attract and appeal to potential buyers.

Loft conversion

A loft conversion can be a fantastic way to add a bedroom, office or bathroom while avoiding any major changes as it does not modify the footprint of the building. The added space of the loft would be very attractive to any potential buyers.

Central heating

Adding or improving the central heating is always a great way to add more value to a property. Condensing boilers and other heating controls now mean that central heating needn’t be too expensive, it could be a great investment as it will be considered vital by most buyers.

Central Heating


A lot more people are starting to extend on their current home rather than moving to a different property. If you’re happy in your current home but need a little extra space, an extension is the perfect solution to the problem. It’s a great way to add a bit of much needed room relatively quickly, whilst adding value for whenever you’re ready to sell.

Improve your garden

The space surrounding your property will be the first impression potential buyers will see when viewing the property, so you don’t want to put them off before they‘ve been inside! Try and clean up as much as you can, getting rid of any litter or dead plants. Privacy is very important and improving the feeling of seclusion will add value. Consider adding fences and even mature trees.

The kitchen

The kitchen is of great significance to any buyer. If you are not willing to completely restructure your kitchen, simple ideas like painting or purchasing some new cupboard doors can be cost effective in the long run, especially if your kitchen is looking a bit tired.

Adding a conservatory

Adding more room to your living space is a great idea, especially if you need a little extra room. Adding a conservatory could be the key to creating that much needed sense of space and light that you’ve been looking for. It’s also a great alternative to an extension, as it’s usually cheaper and planning permission isn’t always necessary.

The bathroom

The bathroom is obviously a big deal for buyers! Having a clean, fresh and hygienic space can really make a big difference. A fairly modern, clean bathroom suite can appeal to buyers, especially if it’s a gleaming white suite.



It is becoming increasingly important to buyers for a house to be eco-friendly. Small changes can make a big difference, a few examples include using a water-based paint when you decorate, ensure your property has sufficient insulation, keeping your boiler serviced and preventing any draft getting in through doors or windows by using draft excluders. This is very appealing to buyers, but it also means that it will reduce the bills.


If you have new or reasonably new windows will appeal to buyers as it means it reduces the chance of them having any window related issues to deal with. When looking at the less expensive properties double glazed PVCu windows are considered essential by the majority of buyers as they require little maintenance and they are energy efficient.

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