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Published on : November 17, 2016 11:38

Auctioneer and property expert, Scott Grayson, on why selling at auction in December is a good move

One of the great things about being around the property industry for years (yes, I’ve been around the block a few times!) is that you learn to spot the seasonal trends and instinctively know how the market is likely to perform. Despite changing governments and economic climates, what I’ve learned through many years of selling, and, more recently, buying houses is that, contrary to what you might expect, December is a great month to buy and sell property.

And here’s why.  At this time of year, there seems to be a magic that attracts both buyers and sellers together like a festive dating agency for property!

Many sellers, especially those with empty houses, worry about the looming winter with its accompanying burst pipes and the potential deterioration of their property. Others want to start the New Year with a clean slate, renewed vigour and no obstacles holding them back from realising their ambitions and dreams for the year ahead.

For the buyers, December represents a time to finish the year with a flurry and a sense of accomplishment, with definite plans in place for a fresh start in the New Year. The savvy buyer knows that there may be some bargains out there at a time of the year the majority of the population is focused on buying Christmas presents, not houses!

So how can these parties with common goals who share the same sense of urgency and purpose come together? Well, the answer is AUCTION. The auction room provides a hub of activity that unites buyers and sellers like migrating birds to clement breeding grounds!


The benefits of buying and selling at auction are the same for both parties – certainty and speed of sale and a quick completion. When the hammer falls to the successful buyer there is a warm, fuzzy feeling for the seller that in just twenty-eight days they will have completed their transaction and the winter worries are far behind them.

For the buyer, they know that they will be ready to embark on their exciting new property project with the gusto and determination that is instilled in us all at the start of a new year. Whether your new year’s resolution is to create the perfect new home for yourself, or to build your own investment property portfolio, being in a position to kick off your project as soon as the festive season has lost its sparkle, is a great way to start the year and be one step ahead of the game.

The canny investor knows that if the modernisation programme takes place in January for eight weeks, then the property will be ready for early spring, widely seen as a great time to sell your property.  And those planning to create their own beautiful new home can enjoy that slightly smug feeling that they’ve beaten the new-year scramble to buy in an overly competitive market.

So, you see, in the festive season the world has a strange way of bringing people together in the auction wonderland, to fulfil their goals and dreams, and hopefully celebrate a successful transaction that promises a profitable, proactive and purposeful NEW YEAR!


If you would like to chat with Scott about selling your house at auction, call him on 0161 443 4740.


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