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Published on : June 4, 2018 11:22


Brexit and This Fine Weather | Preparing For Uncertainty

Everyday I’m always staggered by the high number of people considering moving. But for many, they decide to wait for the right property to come along before they commit to putting their house on the market.

Unfortunately for most, that dream property never comes. Months turn into years and the prospect of moving becomes more distant. In a healthy housing market, this doesn’t affect anyone. The house you want to buy may increase in value but then so will yours. It’s all safe.

However, uncertainty is in the air. Brexit is on the horizon and nobody can predict its effect on the UK housing market. Brexit is coming, and although this isn’t my area of expertise I have been around long enough to know that uncertainty doesn’t sit well within the housing market. As from April 2019, it all might change.

On a much brighter note – the weather continues to be delightful with sunshine, blue skies and rich green gardens full of life and colour. So why not make hay while the sun shines?

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