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Published on : May 9, 2019 12:18

Auction Success Stories

From a canal boat to my ideal home | Auction Success Stories

We are incredibly lucky in our line of work to be able to make a real difference and change someone’s life.

The feeling you get when you have the chance to impact someone else’s journey in a positive way is truly priceless.

I want to share with you one particular experience I shared with a client that I’ll never forget!

Let’s start at the beginning…

We were contacted by a client (Mr. K) who had been referred to us by his building society as he was struggling with his mortgage payments.

He had worked out that if he could sell his house for £50,000 he would have enough equity to buy a canal boat outright.

He didn’t want to take on another mortgage so a canal boat seemed like his only option.

Knowing the area where the property was so well, I knew that we would be able to achieve more than the £50,000 he needed for the canal boat.

Auction Success Stories

Although I knew the property would be really popular with our buyers, I waited until we put the house live on our website before I let on to how well I thought it would do.

Despite the property being rather “cluttered”, we were able to immediately attract loads of interest and the requests to book viewings came pouring in.

My colleague Jo Bull and I attended the viewings ourselves; one to sign buyers in and one to sign buyers out, it was that busy!

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We also had to make sure everyone signed the disclaimer form as the property was full of “stuff” all over the floor which we wanted to make sure was looked after.

Feeling confident, we took the property to our next auction and as we predicted it achieved a staggering £44,000 over the reserve price!

Mr. K couldn’t believe it and we shared in the joy of this amazing sale.

It just so happened that during the same auction we had a lovely one bedroom flat close to Mr. K’s house which didn’t sell on the day.

A real-life happy ending.

Auction Consultant Role

To cut a long story short, after a ton of negotiating and hard work, we managed to broker a deal so Mr. K could buy the flat without the need for any finance.

It didn’t end there, because we’d built up such a close relationship with him, we helped him get his hands on some furniture from a local church-run charity.

We helped him move in and the very best part is, he’s still there, happy in his new home.

Could you be our next auction success story?

We help thousands of sellers every year to achieve their property goals through auction. If you’d like a free, friendly chat about selling your property at auction, I’d love to help.

Call me today on 0161 443 4740 or email [email protected].

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