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Published on : September 30, 2021 12:16

Compulsory notice form changes for landlords

Landlords will be required to serve new notice documentation from October 1 onwards.

Eviction notices for tenants throughout the COVID-19 pandemic have been subjected to multiple alterations by the Government, in order to provide security for tenants amidst job losses or the furlough scheme.

Since June 1, most possession notices have required Cheshire landlords to give a minimum of four months’ notice if they served their tenants either a Section 8 or Section 21 notice, in all but the most serious cases, including criminal damage to property or domestic abuse cases.

From August 1, new legislation changes meant that notice periods in “non-serious” cases of rent arrears (anything less than four months’ absent rent) were reduced to two months’ notice.

Now, from October 1 onwards, landlords must serve the new legal paperwork provided by the Government.

The new legislation will mean that both Section 8 and Section 21 notices will return to their pre-pandemic levels, and it is crucial for Cheshire letting agents and landlords to use the new paperwork.

From October 1, the notice period required for Section 8 notices will revert back to only two weeks.

The notice period for Section 21 notices will revert to two months, meaning the earliest opportunity a Cheshire landlord can evict their tenant is at the start of December. Any notices served prior to October 1, however, will still need to comply with the current pandemic levels of legislation.

All new documentation is expected to be uploaded to the Assured Tenancy Form page on the website.

If you are a landlord and unsure on the best practices for serving eviction notices, or want to create long-lasting tenancies without needing to worry about notices in the short-term, our property management team will be more than happy to assist. For more information, call 0161 443 4777.

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