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Published on : October 19, 2020 12:12

Five top tips to get your home ready for winter

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it’s time to start thinking about how to get your home ready for the winter months ahead.

Follow these simple steps below to make sure your home is as ready as possible.

Get your boiler tested

There’s nothing worse than waking up, expecting to jump into a nice warm shower, but instead, you’re greeted with ice-cold water. Not the best start to the day.

Grab the instruction manual and check the pressure gauge of your boiler and adjust if needed. For any bigger jobs, it’s best to hire a professional to look into it. Head over to the Gas Safe Register to find qualified engineers in your area.

Winter-proof your pipes

Pipes can become damaged in the colder weather when the water inside them freezes and expands, causing them to burst.

The best way to protect them is to insulate them in lagging. You can easily pick this up from any DIY shop.

Clear your gutters

It’s been on your to-do list for months but you’ve kept putting it off. We know, we’re the same.

But it’s such an essential task to get your home ready for winter. Blocked gutters mean rainwater won’t be able to be drained effectively, causing leaks into the roof and walls.

These leaks can then lead to damp and mould. You can massively reduce your risk of this by making sure your gutters are clear.

Rearrange your furniture and accessorise

Move your sofa, bed or whatever it is, out of the way of your radiators.

Having your radiators obstructed is a sure way to prevent proper heat circulation around your home.

Another way to reduce energy costs is to treat your home to some nice thick curtains, fluffy rugs and draught excluders.

Not only are these accessories a great way to reduce heat from being lost, but they also add a little extra style to your home.

Are you covered?

Accidents can still happen no matter how prepared you are.

So it’s best to check that your current home insurance policy covers all bases, whether that be a fire, flood or theft.

Given the unpredictability of the British weather, it’s also a good idea to check you’re covered for accidental damage or storm damage as most policies won’t include this as standard.

If you’re a bit unsure, why not speak to one of our insurance experts today? Simply complete our form below to receive your FREE quote? Then you can enjoy these coming months knowing you and your home are protected.

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