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Published on : October 30, 2018 13:00


Things to Do Once You’ve Moved In

Moving into a new property can be an extremely exciting but stressful time, and things can be easily forgotten which could lead to consequences in the future. It’s best to get on top of essential tasks you must do once you’ve moved in. Here is our list of tasks you need to carry out within the first few days of receiving the keys to your new home.



You never know who may have a set of keys for your new house. If you have not already, call a locksmith and get the locks changed as soon as possible – front and back.

If the property has an alarm, be sure to change all codes.

Council Tax:

When moving into a new property, you have to inform the Borough Council that you are the new owner.

To find out which tax band the property is in and update your details, visit your local council’s website for details of the best way to contact them. Have your bank details and move-in date handy, as many councils will allow you to set up a direct debit on the phone.

Also be sure to inform them if you are going to be living in the property alone, as you will be entitled to a 25% discount on your council tax.


Register to Vote:

You will need to inform the Electoral Roll of your move in order to entitle you to vote at your new address.

Between mid-August and November, canvass registration forms will be delivered to every home in Great Britain to ensure details of who lives in the property are correct and up-to-date. However, an easier way to update your details is to download and return the registration form from yourvotematters.



Mail and letters addressed to the previous owner are still likely to be delivered to your new home – even if they have diverted their post, some may still trickle through.

It is an offence to open a previous occupant’s mail, so forward it on if you have the previous owner’s new address, or write “Return to Sender” on the envelope and pop it in a post box.

Make sure friends and family know your new address. If not the new occupants of your old home might be receiving your mail.



Unless the previous owner has informed you, or an engineer has placed a sticker on the boiler, it may be unclear how long it has been since it was last serviced.

Call out a CORGI registered engineer to inspect the boiler and safeguard against potential problems in the near future.


When you move in, the first thing you will need to do is take meter readings for the gas, electric and water.

To find out which providers the property currently uses you need to contact:

  • Electric: MPAS 0870 751 0093
  • Gas: National Grid 0870 608 1524
  • Water: United Utilities 0845 746 2222

Once you have the providers’ details, you will need to call and inform them that you are the new owner. Moving home is a great time to shop around for the best energy tariffs. If you wish to change provider, contact the new company you have chosen and they will take care of the rest, although it can take a few weeks for the switch to complete.


TV Licence:

You will need to have an up-to-date TV Licence active for your new property before you begin watching live television on any device; else you are committing an offence and face a hefty fine.

If you had a TV Licence registered at your previous address, it can often be transferred to your new home. To update your details or purchase a new licence, visit

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