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Published on : July 16, 2021 15:43

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Popular garden trends and FlowerCard have revealed the 10 most popular garden trend google searches for 2021 with fire pits, pergolas, and summerhouses being analysed as the most popular searches.

Whilst we have all had to live our lives in a very different manner over the last 18 months for those that live in properties with gardens and outdoor space it has given many the opportunity to look at the garden as a ‘project’ that we could occupy our minds with – Revamping our gardens.

Many have taken to DIY projects and the analyses of the google searches over the past 12 months did not come as a surprise. With the wonderful summer we had in 2020 and with the hope that will continue for 2021 and limited options for taking holidays abroad, UK residents have now taken to building magnificent gardens to spend their days and evenings in over the summer months.

Most Googled

Take a look at some of the most Googled:

  • Fire Pits has been one of the most searched receiving nearly 4.7 million searches within the UK alone. Fire pits are open fire, it does create ambiance and add to a relaxing garden atmosphere giving a 360-degree heat distribution. Great to be used for garden parties and the toasting of marshmallows but will need to be constantly tended to as it can be a safety hazard, especially around children.
  • Summerhouses and Pergolas. Both have great uses and can be used all through the year. Many UK household’s work commitments have changed and will continue to work from the home long term so the requirement to separate working life from home life with a summerhouse is great to be able to have. With multi-uses, children’s play den, teenager rooms, gym or even a beauty room for self-employed beauticians a summerhouse or Pergola is a great addition to any home.  And it will certainly add value to your property of up to 5%.
  • Garden Shed. The time we have spent at home has given us all time to revamp the garden including our sheds. It may have been completely disorganised or it was just not big enough. Google searches accounted for people looking for large sheds to store all ‘man cave’ gardening items or even to convert into a summerhouse. This would be a fantastic project to complete for any talented handy person.
  • Hanging Egg Chair. Egg chairs have become a popular and very stylish garden fixture. Egg chairs look great within a garden area, patio, or decking and in the winter months, the chair can be moved inside your home into a conservatory area or living room. Egg chairs simply hang from a metal framework and have a gentle sway to them, making it a relaxing and peaceful chair to sit in to enjoy a summer’s evening.
  • Greenhouse. A greenhouse comes in all shapes and sizes. They are mainly of a glass construction or a clear safety glass/Perspex and are used to grow plants that need a particular climate or protection. Many gardeners start their planting off in greenhouses and then move and replant to the garden once established. But many items like fruit and vegetables that need a particular climate grow successfully within a greenhouse.
  • Patio heater. A fantastic addition to anyone’s garden/outdoor space and it means that the heat generated will enable you to stay outdoors longer. Patio heaters can be used all year round too and to keep warm at any time of year. Most patio heaters will use gas electric patio heaters being far cheaper to buy and more eco-friendly. Electric heaters produce up to 90% less Co2 emissions than a gas heaters. They are also less noisy and consume less energy.
  • Artificial Grass. There are lots of reasons why people are now putting artificial grass down in their gardens. To name a few, it is less effort to maintain and will stay looking fantastic under children’s trampolines (grass tends to die off as no light gets to it under a trampoline), it can be played on all year round and doesn’t get muddy, long-lasting and durable, no need to water and will look fantastic. All it needs is a quick brush or garden hoover to maintain. Do your research before choosing as there are many types of artificial grass, following the laying guidelines will also help to make sure that the ‘real’ grass does appear too.
  • Chiminea.  A Chiminea is a free-standing clay fireplace or oven that has a bulbous, hollow body connected to a narrow smoke vent. For safety, a chiminea is a better choice than a traditional fire pit. The flames of the chiminea are directed up and out of the stack of the chiminea, giving a much more controlled burn than a fire pit.
  • Composite decking. Composite is an alternative to wood, which is robust and lasts longer providing a low-maintenance decking surface that looks fabulous. Composite decking can cost more than wood, and composite materials do offer the promise of greater durability and less maintenance. Wood decking is still the most common choice, but unfortunately, it will not last forever and this is where composites are more durable but can lack a natural look if that is what you want for your garden.
  • Garden Furniture. There is so much to choose from when it comes to garden furniture and it is purely down to taste, comfort, and space. From cheap options to incredibly expensive options, the choice is massive. Contemporary, rattan, wood, metal there is simply just a lot of choice!


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