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Published on : November 1, 2021 13:50

Ask the right questions when viewing a property

Estate agents are legally bound to tell the truth to any questions a vendor puts to them when buying a property. The answers to the questions could make all the difference in your commitment to buying the property.

We have put together some of the questions our own estate agency branches receive when taking our vendors on property viewings.

  1. Why is the owner selling the property? This is usually the first question that we are asked and we are honest as we can be in answering subject to the information we have been given from the seller. It is usually down to wanting a bigger property, downsizing, moving out of the area. We will certainly give you as much information as we can.
  2. How has the property value in the area changed over the last 2 -5 years? Our agents all have access to many property valuation tools that helps with our valuations. We have property insights that we use and we collate a lot of information for you to look at. Take a look at our social media channels and you will see that monthly our branches do post about how property pricing is changing.
  3. What are the neighbours like? This question can be difficult as we don’t always know what the neighbours are like. We do know that some of our vendors do knock on the doors of prospective neighbours to find out more. Doing your own research you may well find out more information than an estate agent can find out.
  4. Are there going to be any local developments that will affect the property? If the property has fantastic views around it the chances are you will want those views to stay and not be developed on. Ask the questions to the estate agent as they could well know of developments but could also be unlikely. As you progress through the sale process local searches will show any planned developments.
  5. What is included in the sale of the property? Another great question to ask and you could be surprised what is included. Some property owners leave a lot behind which becomes part of the sale for instant garden furniture, sheds, and then you have the fixtures and fittings.
  6. How long has the property been on the market? If the property has been on the market for some time ask the question to the estate agent why. Are there problems with the property? If the property has been on the market for a while the seller then may well accept a lower price.
  7. How long have the owners lived in the property? If the owners are moving out after a short period of time why is this, it is important to find out. Also, look how often the property has changed owners too as this will also be an indicator of a red light too.
  8. What is the minimum price that will be accepted and have there been any offers? Estate agents will tell you if the property has already received offers and may well tell you why they have not been accepted. This could give you indications of where you need to be price-wise for your offer if you are interested in the property.
  9. When do the sellers need to move out, have they already got a new property? This is great to find out if the sellers already have a new property to move to so they will be keen to sell as soon as possible. It’s not always good if they don’t have a property to move to as then you have to wait for them and so a chain can start to form.
  10. Can you speak directly with the sellers? As an estate agent, we don’t usually encourage this as it is our job to do the negotiation for you
  11. Is the property south facing? A south-facing property is always best so you can take advantage of the summer evenings!
  12. Has there been any major work completed on the property? In most cases, you can complete your own research on the property. Any major works that have been completed will be shown on the planning applications – granted as well as refused.

Whilst this list of questions is extensive and there are many more questions that you can ask!

Should you wish to view a property that we currently have for sale please do contact your local branch to arrange a viewing.

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