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Published on : June 8, 2020 16:22

Rightmove recorded its busiest day ever last month

The property portal had six million visits to the site over a week ago!

Since the property market officially reopened in May, the UK has seen record-high levels of house-hunter activity return to the market.

Property Portal, Rightmove, reported its busiest day on record over a week ago as demand for housing continues to rocket.

The property website had six million visits to the site for the first time ever on Wednesday 27th May. This figure was up 18% from the same time last year!


And this wasn’t just casual house browsing traffic.

The number of buyers who called or emailed an estate agent after seeing a listing on Rightmove is also up, by 18%, on the same day a year ago.

Rightmove also found that over a quarter of a people who had no plans to move before lockdown are now looking for a new home.

So not only are we seeing a wave of pent-up demand return to the market, but we’re also seeing new house-hunters enter the market too.

Rising Property Hotspots

The areas that are seeing the biggest spikes in interest are locations in the South West and North.

Rightmove reported that coastal areas of Cornwall, Devon and Bournemouth are seeing the biggest jump in buyer interest.

Whilst Northern locations such as Warrington, Manchester and Wigan, along with areas across Yorkshire and the North East are seeing growing demand too, some with a 15% increase on last year!

The Property Market Online

Online portals

Our data also shows that buyer demand has rocketed week by week since the property market has reopened.

What we’ve found most interesting is how engaged house-hunters are in the new digital process of searching for a property.

To give you an example, our virtual tour visits have increased by 117% in the last week and are 773% higher than they were at the start of May!

More and more people are engaging with the house-hunting process online, with some buying a property without ever stepping foot in it.

We saw a lot of people do this at our June auction. In fact, 81% of properties sold at our online auction last week were sold without the buyer physically viewing the property.

These clients did the entire process online – from using our virtual viewing service through to purchasing the property.

What’s the outlook for the market?

Overall, the outlook for the housing market is really positive!

House hunter demand continues to grow and agents have found safe ways to bring people and property together, digitally.

So, for anyone looking to sell –  you need to strike now whilst the iron is hot.

The next few weeks might be the best time to sell in the last 30 years.


It’s a particularly exciting time if you’re looking to move up the property ladder! Interest rates are at a record-low, house prices are up and buyer demand has reached an all-time high.

But, you need to act now if you want to make the most of it. We don’t know how long this surge in demand is going to last and your window of opportunity might only be small.

Holding off on your next move might end up being a costly decision, so make sure you take advantage of the market whilst you can.

How can we help?

If you’re thinking about selling your home, we can help you make a safe, successful move.

Get in touch with us today on 0161 443 4860 to book your FREE, no-obligation valuation. We’d love to chat about how we can get your moving.

You can also book your valuation online, here.

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