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Published on : March 1, 2018 12:09


What’s Been Going On At The Romiley Branch This Month

We’ve had another fantastic February here at Edward Mellor Romiley!

Even though we were up against the Beast from the East this month, not even thick inches of snow could stop us from helping our clients.

Part of our ongoing success here in Romiley is down to our engagement with the local community. Rachel and I live in Romiley which is why we have such fantastic knowledge on the area and the current property market. Most importantly, we LOVE Romiley! We have a passion for the place and the people, which is why our jobs are so much fun.

Happy Move In Day

Alongside our engagement with the local community, other components to our success include a solid marketing strategy, the clever use of technology and bags of enthusiasm.

We have recently introduced 360 virtual interactive tours, which has made it easier than ever for potential buyers to view our properties. We’ve decided to get a little bit creative here at Edward Mellor Romiley, to generate interest and awareness of our interactive tours.

We have been running a “Where’s Nigel” campaign on Social Media, where I hide in every house that has an Interactive virtual viewing and the public have to find me.

So far, “Where’s Nigel” has been a big hit with our clients!

Not only has this proved a great toll to help us sell houses but the idea has been embraced by the largest property portal in Belgium, who are running a similar campaign throughout the country.

If you’ve not already had a look at our interactive property tours and you’d like to have a go at finding Nigel, click here.

We have had some interesting houses come to the market and sell in February, two needing renovation, which have attracted a lot of interest.

Historically, due to urban myth (which has become true) more properties come to the market and sell in Spring.

Now the snow is out of the way we are looking forward to a busy March and April.

Keep an eye out on our social media to see our “wanted” adverts. This is a new campaign set up to help our long list of buyers find their perfect home. Demand for property in Romiley is high, so we’re sending out wanted adverts for houses buyers are currently looking for.

As I mentioned earlier, we love our little town which is why we’ve launched our newest campaign “celebrating Romiley”. We aim to highlight all the reasons why Romiley is the best place to be! We also want to celebrate local businesses, organisations and members of the community that contribute to the success our fantastic village.

If you’re looking to buy or sell in Romiley, we’re here to help! Get in touch with us today on 0161 430 7519 or email [email protected].

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