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Published on : July 5, 2018 16:38


It sure feels like Summer!

Traditionally, the next few months are the busiest in the property calendar – so by pulling out all the stops, you can make your house stand out from the crowd.


  1. Give Yourself Kerb Appeal

Psychologists claim we decide whether we like a person within 15 seconds – and the same goes for houses.

As the weather brightens up, house hunters are much more likely to walk or drive past your home after seeing it online or having been introduced to it by us before deciding whether to book a viewing. First impressions count!

This often couldn’t come at a worse time.

The winter months rarely leave your gardens and driveway looking their best, so it’s important to get your exterior looking as welcoming as possible.

Make sure lawns are mowed, window frames are clean, weeds are removed, and your driveway is clean and free from clutter. If your “For Sale” sign has been battered by the wind and snow, just let us know and we’ll order you a new one.

To make your driveway appear more spacious, park your car slightly away from the house when expecting viewers, and use bright, colourful flowers and hanging baskets make your home stand out from the rest of the street.

If your photographs were taken in the winter when your home is usually covered in snow and Christmas decorations, we’ll soon be round to take some fresh pictures.


  1. Have a Spring Clean

Many viewers are instantly turned off by mess and clutter. A spring clean will show your home is well cared for and make it appear brighter and more spacious to potential buyers.

Pay special attention to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. These can be dealbreakers.

  1. Finish Off Odd-Jobs

Has the cold and rain caused a bit of damage to your home? Been putting off a chore until the weather gets better?

Have your home looking bright and ready to move into by finishing off any DIY tasks, leaving your viewers free to focus on the positives of the property rather than on the repairs that would need doing.

If you’re looking to redecorate, use neutral colours which are not likely to divide opinion.
A surveyor will spot a dodgy job straight away, so bring in a professional for any plumbing, building or electrical work you are not confident in doing yourself.


  1. Appeal to the Senses

Imagine how happy your viewers will feel stepping out of the freezing cold into a bright, warm home.

If you’re expecting viewers, turn the heating on and ensure lights are on and blinds are open during the day. Never underestimate the power of smell to sell your home. Scents of coffee or fresh bread in the kitchen, flowers or polish in the living areas and fresh linen in the bedroom can give your house a homely and welcoming atmosphere that your viewers will remember long after leaving.

  1. Got a viewing? Let us do the hard work

At Edward Mellor, we accompany every single viewing, as we believe it is the most successful way to sell your home.

Many viewers are too polite to mention any negatives or talk money when they are being shown around by the homeowners, and are more open to sharing their honest thoughts with an Estate Agent.

When you have a viewing organised, drop us a key and let us do the hard work for you. We’ll call as soon as possible with honest, constructive feedback.

Our staff are trained to deal with viewers’ objections and show your property’s plus points in the best light, which gives you the best chance of receiving that all-important offer.


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