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Published on : March 15, 2019 12:56

Bad Tenants

Shocking video reveals hideous state ex-tenant left property in – and here’s what it looks like after a deep clean

A landlord was left horrified by the state their property in Clayton had been left in by an ex-tenant.

AAA Cleaners, who took on the job of cleaning this property took a video showing the appalling condition the home had been left in.

Footage shows mountains of rubbish scattered around the house, a semi-destroyed kitchen and a bathroom with human excrement on the floor.

If the sight of the property wasn’t bad enough, apparently the smell was just as disgusting. The cleaning company even exclaimed that the property “stinks” in the video.

The landlord of this 3-bedroom property approached our auction department with hopes of selling the house.

Although the property had been trashed, we formulated a plan to get it ready for sale in our online auction.

As part of our pre-marketing package, we offered to hire a professional team of cleaners to help improve the condition of the property.

We called AAA Cleaners to do a complete house removal and a deep clean and the results are amazing!

Dirty Lounge

As you can see, the front room has been transformed from a rubbish tip to a large living space.

Trashed Bedroom

What was once a bedroom littered with bin bags, is now a space ready for renovating.

The cleaning team has also pulled up all of the carpets in preparation for the painters and decorators.

Destroyed Bathroom

This house is now available to buy at our online auction. It has bags of potential after it’s transformation and is now ready for renovation.

So, if you’d like to see more of this fantastic home, click here.

Alternatively, you can call our auction team now on 0161 443 4740 for more details.

For more information on the amazing cleaning team, AAA Cleaning, visit their Facebook page.

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