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Published on : January 19, 2016 14:37




The song of the same name, sung by the legendary Freddie Mercury back in the 1980s, was a reference to the Cold War at the time of its release. And whilst the auction room is far from a war zone, in its own inimitable way, it provides an arena in which many people go into battle searching for victory.

For the Auctioneer, the feeling of the hammer falling provides a great sense of satisfaction, knowing you have secured a sale for your client. For the buyer, there is the feeling of euphoria from the success of outwitting their bidding rivals to secure the property purchase for themselves. The vendor and buyer, with a successful transaction under their belts, can leave the auction room arm in arm like two gladiators exhilarated by their respective victories!

So, is the Auctioneer the metaphorical United Nations of the auction battleground, bringing rivalling parties to a positive conclusion? I believe he is! Although, for the Auctioneer, that fall of the hammer is more akin to the feeling a centre-forward gets scoring the winning goal at the end of a fantastic team effort.

Our team – the Auctioneer, the Valuers, the Auction Consultants, Viewing Representatives and the administrative staff all work together to make the auction process a success for everyone. And they are always accessible and on hand to give expert guidance on all things property – too old and new, experienced and inexperienced auction clients. I’m sure this accounts for the high levels of repeat business we do.

As a generalisation, most people don’t fully understand how auctions work. The idea of selling at auction is possibly outside of your comfort zone. But you may be missing out on a great way of selling property. And the answer is for us to work closely with you, to gain your trust, build your confidence in the auction process and develop that feeling of mutual trust and respect.

Why not come and talk to our Auctioneers and the rest of the auction team? We can advise you on everything from selling, buying, finance and mortgages, right through to getting planning permission, if needed, for your property.

Our next auction is Wednesday 3rd February, so get your list of questions together, come and see us and fire away! As well as myself, you can meet fellow auctioneer, Nick Green, auction consultant, Andy Thompson, and our financial adviser, Stephen Ridgway, and his specialist team. Find out everything you want to know about buying or selling at auction and observe the action as it happens!

If you’d like to have a chat before the auction, give us a call on 0161 443 4740. We want you to love the buzz of the auction as much as we do!

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