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Published on : January 11, 2019 09:56

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Picking your estate agent

Choosing the right estate agent to sell your property is a crucial part of selling your house with minimum stress and uncertainty for you.

Having an estate agent that doesn’t know the area could have enormous consequences for you, costing a lot of time and a lot of money.

In the estate agency industry, all areas are different throughout the UK.

It might seem obvious but if the house you want to sell is in Manchester selecting an agent who only operates in London is not going to be the best idea.

Selecting an estate agent with a wealth of experience and great knowledge of the property market in your local area will benefit you.

Anybody can attempt to sell a house, but to sell a house fast at the best price takes a lot of experience, knowledge and hard work.

What can we offer

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In our 35 years of trading, we have built a fantastic reputation in the core areas we focus in and as such, our local Valuers stand out from the crowd with copious amounts of local knowledge and industry expertise.

This means they’re able to promote the benefits of the local area alongside your property, showing those looking to buy a whole new lifestyle as well as a home.

Mary Cox, our incredible sales manager with a fantastic wealth of local knowledge of Levenshulme, her home town, made all the difference when it came to selling one of our recent properties… Mary managed to sell the property in just one working day and over the asking price!

Although most forms of contact are either online or via a telephone nowadays, we think it’s important to have a physical, local branch where our customers are welcome to drop in at their convenience.

This is something that a lot of estate agents, especially in recent years, don’t offer you.

You are welcome to visit our branch teams to discuss progress, options and get professional advice.

Within each branch we have individuals working within social media, getting involved in all things community when it comes to both Facebook and Twitter.

This not only strengthens the knowledge of our valuers, but it also means that we have an immediate, local audience eager to view the properties we have available.

For example, the Romiley branch has a Twitter and Facebook page with followers who are actively looking at properties that are being posted. In total, all of our branches have a following of over 25,500. 

Why would you go anywhere else?

Using a well-established local agent, like Edward Mellor, who has an impeccable understanding of property prices within the area, means that your home will be entering the market at the best possible and most realistic price for you.

Our local knowledge and past experiences help us to know how and where to find a buyer or tenant for a property, which works perfectly as they know who will be willing to pay what price.

If you are looking for a reliable, local estate agent we are here to help. Take a look at our free instant online valuation here (add link). We can help you get your property sold.

Instruct with us this February and you will receive a FREE Amazon Echo. Take a look here for more information.

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