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Published on : January 9, 2019 17:29

Online portals

Why it is so important for estate agents to use property portals in 2019

Way back when, around 15 years ago, if you wanted to buy or sell a property the first place you would think to go would probably have been your local newspaper or dropping by your local estate agents window.

In recent times, the way we buy and sell property has changed significantly, with more or less all of estate agents going digital. Nowadays, most people head online to browse before anything else!

Who has the time between work, the kids, pretending to exercise and dinner with friends to trawl through newspapers in the hope we stumble across a property we like? Now the tools are out there allowing you to search specific properties without having to leave your lounge.

Property portals laptop

The new way of finding property

Within the last few years, when it comes to online estate agency and selling property, portals have become a central point in the process of buying a home.

When you find the time has come for you to sell your property, it is highly recommended that you check which portals your estate agents are utilizing.

At Edward Mellor, we have our own website to market the properties we’re selling which receives up to 42,000 views a month and we list our properties on both Rightmove and Zoopla, 2 top ranking portals.

Whether you’re selling your property or looking to buy a new home for the first time, chances are you’ll use a property portal.

Whether that be on Rightmove or Zoopla, with tens of thousands of people visiting these sites every day.

Rightmove, is the UK’s number one property portal and the UK’s largest property market, with the website reaching 127.5 million visits per month.

Zoopla is another portal we use here at Edward Mellor, reaching a staggering 58.3 million monthly visits!

Charlie Bryant, Managing Director of Zoopla, commented: “We’re driving consistently high volumes of consumer traffic to our website.

More than 50 million customers visit our websites every month, we hit a new high in 2018 in terms of our monthly site traffic volumes, and our app downloads are on a strong upward trajectory. We are the only credible alternative to Rightmove for agents this year.”

With all this in mind, why would you go anywhere else?

Zoopla graphic

When you instruct with us, we can promise you that your property would be put on both Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as on our own website. The more people viewing your property, the more chance it has of being sold in a neat time frame to suit you.

If you are interested in getting your property on the market, take a look at our free online valuation tool here, and we can help you get moving.

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