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Published on : September 19, 2019 15:39

Don’t miss out on your chance to move to one of the UK’s best places to live

With the fabulous area of Levenshulme experiencing tremendous growth and change over the past few years, we have seen a fantastic and somewhat rapid rise in local house prices.

The past five years have seen property value shoot up by 45 percent and with exciting projects such as station south and the old sorting office well under way, it is predicted the trend should continue.

This combined with being able to fix mortgages for a longer period than ever before, buyers are telling us they are super confident that they know what they’ll be paying for a significant period of time and any short term turmoil will be over before they have to consider remortgaging.

What does Levenshulme have to offer?

Buyers are seeing fantastic value in the area due to the influx of fashionable bars such as Nordi, The Tallyrand and The Klondyke, as well as long established classics Trove and the fabulous Leve Market attracting a new wave of residents.

Another fantastic benefit to this town is that it’s less than a ten minute journey by direct train into the city centre, making it ideal for commuters.

While the area has had a recent growth in its property prices and attraction, Levenshulme still remains affordable for anyone looking to move to one of the UK’s best places to live.

However, demand is beginning to outweigh supply. As the prices continue to rise, buyers are also seeing the financial gap between where they are now and that larger dream home getting bigger by the week so are looking to secure a new home now before the gap gets too big.

If you’re interested in buying a property in Levenshulme, have a look at some of the stunning properties we have available at the minute…

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