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Published on : September 19, 2018 11:53

Withington Library

Why is there a massive influx of people moving to Withington?

Withington falls between the ever-popular student life of Fallowfield and trendy superb of Didsbury. This helps with the desirability of Withington and an increasing number of people wanting to move there.

If the number of estate agents on the high street is anything to go by then Withington is definitely worth a consideration when you are choosing where to move next.  There are around 10 agents all on one strip of Wilmslow road, running through the central village of Withington. Who of which, including Edward Mellor Withington, say they can’t sell or rent homes quickly enough.

A real community feel

There is a fantastic, vibrant local community which is pushed by all the learners and lecturers from the universities in Manchester. This community feel really helps keep the appeal of Withington high as a really great place to live.

With so many different types of properties on the market in Withington, having possibly the west mixture of properties around the area, there will be a property to suit your wants and needs.

Withington is blessed with possibly one of the widest mixes of properties of any village or town within Manchester. From quiet, picturesque tree-lined streets to cobbled terraced roads.

Even some incredible 1930’s properties, with trademark high builds and brilliant sized gardens, Withington more or less has it all to offer, with something for everyone.

All types of properties

Withington is very diverse when it comes to the type of people looking for properties, from young professionals to families who are looking to both rent and buy a house. With the third type of buyer increasing the property pressure – the investors. With lots of new landlords looking to increase their portfolios, Withington has so much to offer, including HMO’s which are the ideal kind for investors.

A fantastic factor of living in Withington, among many others, is the excellent location for commuters into Manchester city centre, also being close by to places such as Burton Road in West Didsbury and Didsbury village.

A recent property in Withington, formerly NatWest bank, has sold for more than £1,000,000, which is an astonishing amount due to the guide price being set at £500,000!

It is felt within the high street that this new purchase of the old bank may be the start of something new, all it needs now is companies such as Costa, and other big chains to attract others to follow along after.

With a number of different small businesses such as the café bar Solomons which has recently been joined by Ice shack, a fantastic all-vegan dessert parlour. There is also a current development in progress, converting a 1912 cinema into 25 apartments. In the new development, there are apartments ranging from studios to 2-bed flats with the prices ranging from £130,000 to £230,000. Take a look here for more information on the Scala developments.

Due to Withington’s fantastic location, it makes an ideal home for those who are commuting into Manchester centre regularly for example students at the universities. Professionals and families also fit right into Withington, as there are brilliant schools and nurseries in the area.

Here are some properties available in Withington at the moment:

Bournelea Avenue –

Bournelea Avenue

Crofton Street –

Crofton Street

Briar Crescent –

Briar Crescent

Platt Lane –

Platt Lane

Dawn Court –

Dawn Court

3 Demesne Road –

3 Demesne Road

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