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Published on : January 22, 2019 10:30

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Why we do hot properties as an estate agent

As an estate agent, we get such a brilliant array of properties, from old manor houses to incredible mansions. As we have 40 years’ experience, we can notice when a property stands out from the crowd and we really take advantage of it.

Across all of our platforms, we have what is called ‘hot properties’.  A hot property is one that is appealing to a lot of people and priced to sell, usually with a highly motivated seller.

It could include anything from a fantastic history or quirky interior design.

It is a property that we believe is simply ‘hot’ right now, this can be anything from an old cottage to a 3-bed detached house.

The properties are then spread across a number of different marketing platforms, whether that be via emails or on Facebook.


One of our main focus points is emails. Hot properties are sent out via an email, which is a fantastic way of directly targeting an audience, getting the property onto their screens.

With our email database exceeding 58,000 people, we can finely target exactly who the content is sent out to, meaning we get the best possible result with more relevant views for the property.

As an example of a hot property, a 4-bedroom detached property in Marple, we can filter the audience of the email so that it goes specifically to those who would be interested in a detached house in Marple.

This means that it is reaching a very niche audience of people genuinely interested in that type of property, therefore helping to generate more viewings.

There is a whole page on our website solely dedicated to our hand selected ‘hot properties’. This means the properties are easily accessible to anyone browsing.

On average our website achieves 30,000 views month on month, proving how powerful this truly is.

It allows your house to be exposed to a massive reach, meaning more viewings, then in turn selling your property in a faster time period.

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Taking full advantage of social media

Hot properties are also posted on our social media platforms, this includes Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, we have a total following of over 2500 followers and on Twitter,  we have a total following of over 20,000 followers and Instagram we have over 1200 followers.

The properties are then pushed into a paid advertisement, where we often boost it out to thousands of people, again this is a really great tool we find works fantastically as Facebook allows us to really target the post.

For example, if it is a property perfect for first-time buyers, we target the post exactly at that age group.

This is just one aspect of the business that helps make us one of the best in our core areas, and the best for getting your house moving.

If you are interested in selling your property, take a look here at our free instant online valuation tool.

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