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The future of selling.

Our proven blueprint for success allows you to achieve your property dreams at an amazing price with Edward Mellor Auction. We combine the best of auction with the power of an estate agents to give you the best possible result for your property.

Book your free property valuation today by entering your postcode below or call our friendly auction team on 01614434740.

Experience the excitement of an Edward Mellor Auction and how we can achieve more for you.

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FOUR simple steps to Auction success


Book a free property appraisal with one of our expert valuers


Agree a desired sales price and set a reserve for peace of mind.


Watch your property sell and achieve a fantastic result on the auction day!


Your property exchanges and you receive your cash in as little as 28 days.

Why sell under the virtual gavel?

The business was specifically set up to help people achieve “full market value” within a short space of time.

Receive offers fast

We often receive offers from interested buyers before the auction, meaning you may sell your property quicker than you thought!


Take control of your property’s value by setting a reserve price at the minimum you are prepared to accept before the auction takes place.

Speed of sale

Lots sold at auction take just 28 days to complete, meaning you receive your cash faster. This also applies to properties sold subject to, pre, or post-auction offers.

Hybrid Agency

We’re the only auction house to leverage the power of both auction and our estate agents. This allows us to market your property to more potential buyers.


From the moment the gavel goes down, the sale exchanges – meaning your buyer is contractually obliged to purchase your property.


We’ve been successfully selling at auction for over 25 years.

We are not suitable for…

Anyone who is happy waiting months to sell their property

We get people moving quickly. If you’d prefer a guaranteed slow sale, poor customer care and lack of attention to your needs, we’d suggest phoning your local agents.

Anyone who isn’t 100% committed to selling their property

We are dedicated and tireless in our efforts to secure the full market value for all our customers in the shortest space of time.

Anyone who doesn’t care about a high level of service and only values cheap fees

We assist you with all aspects of selling your property for the highest possible price with guidance every step of the way. We also actively assist you in every way we can with your new home

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales commission?

Sales commission is the fee charged by the auctions team for successfully selling the property. It is invoiced after exchange of contracts and usually settled by deduction from the deposit paid by the purchaser. The rate of commission is agreed between the seller and auctions team and shown in the Agency Agreement which sets out the fees and terms of business that apply.

Where will my property be marketed?

The property will be marketed to over 300,000 potential buyers via our bespoke email campaigns and on top of this, our dedicated 26,500 followers on Social Media, nearly 17,000 of these on our auction Twitter alone, will have unlimited access to browse it digitally. We pride ourselves on giving you the best platforms to expose the property to the maximum number of potential buyers, ensuring that the best price is achieved, in a quick time frame and with complete transparency. Of course we are on Rightmove, and auction specialist site, the Essential Information Group, but it is our unique positioning in the auction world as estate agents who started to do auctions that sets us apart.

Why should I choose to sell at auction?

Reasons to choose auction include the speed and certainty that it offers; there is no faster way to sell and success rates through to completion are far higher than through estate agents. Other attractions are that it delivers a legally binding sale with contracts exchanged on the fall of the hammer, so neither party can pull out of the sale or try to renegotiate the price. The competitive bidding process aims to drive the price up so the property achieves its best possible price on the day too.

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