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Applying for a Rental Property

“What Do I Need to Rent a Property?”

Once you have found the perfect rental property, you will need to fill in a Pre-Tenancy Application form, this is the discussed with the landlord and one agreed you will be required to pay your administration fee, which will take the property off the market and start the referencing process.

You can return the forms to your local branch or to our Head Office in Stockport where the application process is managed. Alternatively, you can also email them to [email protected];

Pre-Tenancy Application Forms can be collected from any branch, emailed to you, or DOWNLOADED HERE.

If you require any assistance completing the paperwork, please call our Lettings Department on 0161 443 4777.

“How Much is My Administration Fee?”

Each person over the age of 18 years old who intends to live in the property will have to fill in an application form and pay an administration fee which covers credit checks, referencing and the processing of your application.

  • £175 Inc vat where the property is going to be occupied by one person over the age of 18
  • £225 Inc vat for two occupants
  • £275 Inc vat for three occupants
  • £325 Inc vat for four or more occupants
  • £300 Inc vat for a commercial let

There is also an additional fee of £14.40 including VAT for immigration validation checks (this is a compulsory check by law and the fee is payable to UK tenant data when the referencing process begins)

Possible Additional During and after tenancy

  • Tenancy renewal fee (extending lease after initial period) – tenant £48.00 Inc vat
  • Landlord reference for tenant £24.00 Inc vat
  • Late payment of rent fee £18.00 Inc vat
  • Copy of tenancy agreement £24.00 Inc vat
  • Rent refund fee for over paid rent £24.00 Inc vat
  • Council service letter of confirmation £24.00 Inc vat

“What Do I Need to Bring In?”

When bringing your completed application form into the branch, you will also need:

  • Photo identification – Passport / Driving Licence
  • Proof of current address – Recent utility bill, bank statement or similar
  • Proof of income – Three consecutive months wage slips or confirmation of benefits received
  • Written reference from your current landlord (if applicable)
  • Means to pay your application fee – Credit/debit card, cheque
  • Guarantor form (if applicable)


“Do I Need a Guarantor?”

In some cases, you may be required to provide a Guarantor with your application, who would be responsible for paying any shortfalls in rent or for repairs to the property.

Your Guarantor will need to fill in the necessary paperwork which should be submitted with your tenancy application. There will be a fee of £60 inclusive of VAT for this.

Please note: Your guarantor will be joint and severally liable for the tenancy, which means they will be liable for the rent on the whole tenancy including any other occupants shares, as our Tenancy Agreements are all jointly liable agreements.


You will require a Guarantor if:

  • You have been in your current job for less than six months
  • You earn less than two and a half times the annual rent
  • You are in receipt of Housing Benefits
  • You have a poor credit history or CCJs

To be eligible as a Guarantor, you must be able to meet all of the following criteria:

  • A Guarantor must be an individual, not a couple or a company
  • The Guarantor must not be residing in the property during the tenancy
  • The Guarantor must have an income of at least three times the annual rent
  • If self-employed, the Guarantor must be able to provide three years accounts
  • The Guarantor must be a UK resident
  • The Guarantor should ideally be a homeowner

Please note: If you are unable to find a Guarantor, your application can still be processed if you are able to pay six months’ rent up front.

All applications are accepted at the landlord’s discretion and can be declined by the landlord with no explanation given.

“Can I Have My Landlord’s Contact Details?”

This depends on the service your landlord has opted for. If your landlord has opted for a Let Only service, we will move you into your property and release keys once the agreements have been signed. From that point forward you will deal directly with your landlord.

Edward Mellor will always be on hand to offer any guidance throughout your tenancy should you require it by contacting us on 0161 443 4777

If your landlord has opted for a managed service, you will deal with Edward Mellor throughout your tenancy and we will liaise with the landlord on your behalf.

“I Have Submitted My Application – What Next?”

The application will be discussed with the landlord and once agreed we then contact you and take you admin fee payment. This allows the property to be removed from the market and start your referencing.  We will load the basic information to a company called UK Tenant Data and you will be sent an email requesting you follow a link and completed your application in full online and load up your supporting documents. Please make sure you have access to an email and the internet before applying for the property. Once completed you will then be booked a confirmed move in date via your allocated property manager.

“How do I Terminate My Tenancy?”

Firstly, you will need to ensure that you are not within a fixed term. If your tenancy is due to come to an end or on a periodic agreement then you need to give one month’s written notice to be served in line with your tenancy commencement date.

If you deal directly with your landlord then this notice must be served to them. Otherwise, you will send this to Edward Mellor’s Head Office: 65/81 St Petersgate, Stockport, SK1 1DS.

All notices will be taken from the date they are received so you will need to send the notice a few days before your rent due date to allow for this, otherwise, the notice will roll over to the next month. The notice must be signed by all tenants stated on the agreement or it will not be accepted.

“Where is My Deposit Registered?”

This will be stated on your tenancy agreement, and you will receive a ‘Prescribed Information’ document at the start of your tenancy detailing the deposits location and procedures for claiming the deposit back at the end of your tenancy.

If you have misplaced this document, Edward Mellor will keep a copy for six years. Your landlord may use Edward Mellor’s protection scheme or their own. Edward Mellor will use the DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) to register deposits where the landlord requires this service.

You will need your repayment ID which is a unique ID sent to you by the DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) at the beginning of your tenancy in order to claim your deposit back. Edward Mellor do not have access to this ID and you will need to contact the DPS in order to retrieve it.