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Published on : February 15, 2019 09:45

spring garden

8 Top tips to re-awaken your garden in preparation for Spring

Spring will soon be around the corner so you may want to start thinking about getting your garden fresh and ready for the warm weather. Here are some top tips to help you get your garden ready.

Start Seeding

All you need is potting soil, a vessel, water and the seeds. This will help your garden look beautiful while helping to keep the kids temporarily pre-occupied. (It is a very satisfying task, too!)

Clean your patio

It is very easy to allow grime to build upon your patio. If you take a few hours to give it a good scrub, it’ll reveal the wonder colours of your slabs. Ensure you get into the nooks and crannies in between the bricks and dig up any moss.

Paint your shed

Your shed can be a real focal point to your beloved garden. Ensuring this has a fresh lick of paint really does make a big difference. Give it sand down and paint to the exterior to give it a nice new look.

Solar powered lights


If you are outside a lot in the hotter months, extended use of outdoor lighting can make quite a dint on your electricity bill. Try solar powered lighting, this way your garden can look pretty purely by the power of the sun’s rays!

Eliminate weeds

Weeds are impossible to avoid, but putting them on the back burner will only allow them to get worse. They can be the difference between your garden looking pretty and well maintained or drab and unloved. Take a bit of time to cut them right back to the root, and use home ingredients to help, such as salt and vinegar rather than splashing out on weed killer.

Add mirrors

Adding mirrors around your garden may sound a little bizarre but it is a new trend. It is a quick way to help make your garden look that little bit bigger. They can be used to cover up any unwanted parts of your garden that you don’t want to be seen. Just grab an old mirror knocking around your house, or alternatively they are often found in charity shops.

Bird Feeder

These are so easy to create with re-worked tins from your kitchen. Just give them a thorough wash and paint, then hang them up around your garden – This is a nice gesture for the wildlife and they look pretty too! A win-win.

Cover up with vines

Could you do with a little extra privacy in your garden? A trellis is a fantastic idea; a flowering vine helps create a beautiful screen. A few ideas for fast-growing annual vines include Morning Glory, Sweet Peas and Cup-and-saucer vine.

Get on top of your garden before the warm weather comes around, so you don’t have to spend your summer days in a sad looking garden.

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