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Published on : February 12, 2019 10:57


How can the Amazon Echo help you this Valentine’s Day

Let Alexa spice up your Valentine’s Day with these romantic Amazon Echo skills

There are so many things the Amazon Alexa can do, including helping to get your love life in order. Here is a guide on how the Amazon Echo, and more specifically Alexa, can help spice up your valentines this year.

This means you do not have to leave the success of Valentine’s day down to chance, you can get the smart speaker to ensure your night is a special one.

There are a number of Alexa Skills included in owning an Amazon Echo, that can help you on Valentine’s day.

So how can Alexa help you in your home on Valentines? 

Getting prepared

You will need to pre-book a table for you and your partner, as we all know how busy it can get! Alexa can help you with this.

Just simply request “Alexa, ask OpenTable to make a reservation” This allows you to book a table at a restaurant you desire – saving a lot of time and hassle as you just use your voice and Alexa does the rest.

The smart speaker can also help you get ready, with the ‘Let’s Get Ready’ skill. This will help you to create stunning hair, makeup, and nail looks, which will help you feel amazing for your evening of romance.

A gift 

As many will be too busy to spend hours going from shop to shop looking for the perfect gift, Alexa can help you order the gift from the comfort of your home.

You can place orders via the Echo, telling you the name and the price of the item. After you place your order, if you have a last-minute change of heart, don’t worry as you are able to cancel your order after you place it.

Valentines gift

Send out love 

Alexa can help you with ideas on how best to compliment your loved one with the love notes skill. “Alexa, start Love Notes” – The Love Notes skill is an easy way to pass heart-warming messages to your partner.

There are over 100 different love notes you can choose from, and they can be replayed as many times as you want, just to make sure your partner doesn’t forget how much you love them!

“Alexa, ask Be My Valentine how much do you love me?” – There’s also the Be My Valentine skill, which will see your Alexa shower you with romance and compliments on demand. Perfect for both singles and couples.

And if you are going to be single for V day…

Alexa can help you find something fun to do with you and your friends in your area. You can still have a great day even if you don’t have a partner! Take it as an opportunity to have a great day anyway.

All you need to do is ensure your address is linked to your device in the Alexa app, then ask away. For example, “Alexa, what are some top-rated cinemas nearby”.

If you are keen to find love this February, believe it or not, Alexa can help you. “Alexa, ask eHarmony about my matches” – Alexa can help you find that perfect someone by checking your eHarmony account.

With the eHarmony skill, you can ask about your new matches, listen to unread messages, hear who’s viewed your profile today, or just get a summary of all the activity.

Alexa has it all!

So, the smart speaker really can help you this Valentine’s Day, no matter whether you are single, taken or looking for love!

If you instruct with us, you will receive a FREE Amazon Echo, meaning you will be able to take advantage of all its perks, including help to improve your Valentine’s Day 2019! Take a look here to find out how to receive your Amazon Echo.

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