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Published on : October 31, 2016 16:01


It turns out we’ve got our very own doctor Doolittle here at Edward Mellor!

Our property consultant Nicola Heeney came to the rescue of two, tiny kittens who had set up camp in one of our vacant properties in Levenshulme. They were severely unwell and flea-ridden and without the help of Nicola may not have had much hope of a future. Once Nicola was alerted about the two kittens she immediately contacted the local pet shop for advice who passed across the details of a small, independent rescue called Kitties’R’Us. Founder, Dawn Robertson, collected the two little balls of fur and have been taking great care of them ever since.


According to Dawn, the problem could have been a lot worse as the female cat who had given birth could have created an even larger litter at the address if it had not been brought to the shelters attention. The mother cat has now been neutered and re-homed to a loving family on a dairy farm.

“In essence, Nicola has saved two tiny lives and prevented the forming of a wildcat colony in one of your vacant properties” 

Meet Edward and Mellow the adorable bundles of joy that were saved at the property in Levenshulme at just 5 weeks old *AWH*.


A massive well done for this wonderful act of kindness from Nicola and to Kitties’R’Us for the amazing work they do for our local animals every single day!

Kitties’R’Us are a group of volunteers in Levenshulme and surrounding areas who foster homeless cats and kittens. Currently, they’re not registered as a charity and with no official funding, all the good work they do relies on volunteers and donations from the public. So if you’d like to support the local Levenshulme rescue, click here to like their page and make a donation.

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