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Published on : March 9, 2022 17:17

The Advantages Of Buying A New Build Property

Buying a new build home can be a very different experience from buying a traditional pre-existing home. There are a number of exclusive feelings and parts of the journey, in addition to the advantages of buying a new build property.

The allure of buying a brand new home is somewhat different to purchasing a pre-existing property that has already been lived in. The pristine cleanliness, the smells of decoration and new carpet, and the blank canvas garden waiting to have a mark put on it.

Buying new builds is an attractive notion to many home buyers, irrespective of whether they are on the property ladder or not. The advantages of buying a new build home certainly contribute to this, so just what are these advantages?

It’s…brand new

Whilst UK properties will typically see a number of owners over their lifespans, there will only ever be one circumstance where a new build home can be moved into for the first time. Buying a new build means owning something that hasn’t been lived in before. It is fresh for you to discover and to put your mark on.

There is no “baggage” from a previous homeowner, nor will there be any years of neglectful maintenance to worry about either.

You won’t have to undo someone else’s preferences or lifestyle; a new build is very much made for you to put your own touch on it from day one.

It’s customisable

When purchasing a new build, depending on how far along the build is, you may be entitled to choose the design of the fixtures and fittings within your property. This includes kitchen surfaces, tiles, as well as carpets and floorings. Some options will be more premium than others, but it gives you an element of control and a personal touch before the property is even finished.

There are circumstances where if there are specific features you really desire, then developers may be able to help incorporate this into the property.

Buying a new build home, there can be the benefit of not having to compromise on what you really want.

When considering the pros and cons, those buying a pre-existing home will usually find there’s something they don’t like or want to change.

Peace of mind

New build homes are covered by a warranty, usually by the National House Building Council (NHBC). This is typically applicable for a 10-year term.

This gives you protection against something going wrong including structural defects, with an assurance that you don’t get by purchasing pre-existing properties.

Registered in England, a warranty kicks in from point of exchange of contracts and can cover your deposit against the firm going insolvent.

This means you would get your deposit returned if the builder went out of business and didn’t start or complete the property.

Once the property is built, the warranty is split into two periods – the defects insurance period, which covers the first two years, and the structural insurance period which covers years three to 10.

This gives you cover if there are issues with the work the builder has done, such as faulty pipes which means the heating won’t work.

No chains

Although new builds can be subjected to delays during construction, you aren’t having to wait in an unpredictable chain to take ownership of the property. This can make the move easier, quicker and less stressful.

Less maintenance

Another major benefit of buying a new build is that they require less immediate maintenance. When moving into pre-existing homes, you may find that exterior components require work, such as roof tiles, guttering, or even the walls needing to be repointed. This gives you immediate peace of mind being able to move in without having to carry out any maintenance work.


Unlike buying a new property there are some savings on things like a structural survey.

You can pay to have an independent snagging survey carried out although it is a house builder’s responsibility to check and fix cosmetic defects before you complete on the sale.

Snagging detects minor defects or ‘snags’ caused by the builder, for example, something which is damaged or doesn’t fit properly.

It might be a shower cubicle that leaks or a hinge missing on a door or a scratch to paintwork.

You can pay to have a professional snagging survey done before you exchange contracts or as soon as you move in if you prefer.

An independent survey can add weight to any complaints you have if your builder isn’t responsive to putting them right.

If you are looking to buy a new build property, why not take a look at our latest developments and see if any are the right match for you?

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