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Published on : October 9, 2019 13:16

Beat the Brexit Deadline

We’re already into the second week of October and the Brexit deadline is very much in sight. And if you’re aiming to have your house sold before the end of the month we have some top tips which may be of some use.

Selling your house is never an easy process, especially when the housing market is a little apprehensive of what’s to come. But there are a few things you can do to help make the process a little easier and to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

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First Impressions

You really want to impress your potential buyer before they even cross the threshold of your house.

Making sure the front of the house is well maintained is crucial so it’s a good idea to make sure the grass is cut and any weeds have been disposed of. If your front door is a little lack lustre a quick lick of paint will give it the face lift it might need. Adding some hanging plants will create a more homey feel.

And Through the Door

Cleanliness is everything when it comes to viewings. Give your home a good deep clean and clear any clutter and knick-knacks which add unnecessary noise to your living spaces.

Also, you want to give your potential buyer the impression that your home is one ready to move into. So any odd jobs that need doing, such as filling any holes, smoothing any walls or repairing any damages or dodgy plumbing will need doing so your buyer isn’t put off.


You want your prospective buyer to be able to envisage themselves living in your house. So take down any family photos (don’t worry, you can put them back up after the viewing) and decorate with neutral colours. Everyone’s interior design tastes are different so by giving your potential buyer a blank canvas to work from, it allows them to see how they could add their personality to the space.


Make sure your windows are sparkling clean! This will allow natural light to flood the space. Add mirrors and lamps to any areas around the house which lack natural light or are a little small to give the illusion of more space.


Buyers don’t just use their eyes when on a viewing. A bad smell will cut the viewing short and limit your chances of selling your home. So add some scented candles and freshen up your furniture before a viewing. For those a little more confident in the kitchen, baking before a viewing will allow buyers to associate your house with a positive experience and amazing, homely smells.

For those a little less confident in the kitchen, brewing a hot pot of coffee will have the same effect.

If you’d like some more help and advice on how to sell your home visit our website here or call one of our friendly advisers on 0161 443 4305.

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