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Published on : January 18, 2019 10:36

Local blog

Why is it beneficial to have a local blog in 2019

Why do people blog?

Online blogging is a marketing tactic that allows you to bring you more visibility online. It is a marketing channel, much like social media, direct mail and email marketing.

All of the aspects of digital marketing puzzle together to lead the businesses growth. We notice how important this is as an estate agent, especially for 2019, and we take full advantage of it.

Local blogs themselves can consist of anything relevant to the area, whether that be an up and coming event, for example, the Hazel Grove Christmas fair or exciting new businesses opening. Like a new cocktail bar.

Keeping up to date with all things local is crucial for businesses, especially for estate agents like us here at Edward Mellor.

And we think that keeping a good flow of local blogs really allows us to get to grips with anything and everything going on at the moment.

Keeping it consistent 

On our website, we have a blog which is updated on a weekly basis. It can consist of anything from local news to top tips for selling your property.

As well as it being beneficial in an educational manner, we also notice blogs work fantastically for us in terms of site traffic.

People can easily find us via simply entering our business name into the search engine. We know that those entering Edward Mellor are our current audience, they know who we are already, which is great.

Our aim is to gain more traffic and grow our active, engaged audience.

With blogs, especially localised articles, people will be clicking onto our website to read all about the current goings-on in their area, this then means they may steer off and navigate to other sections of our website.

In turn, this is a great way for us to gain more attention to the properties we have available without having to directly market them.

A great example is a recent blog we have posted. There was a Netflix show called Peaky Blinders were set to make an appearance on the streets of Stockport, so we jumped on the back of this and wrote a quick blog article stating what they will be filming and where.

This blog performed incredibly well, with the website traffic shooting up, as we received nearly 2000 shares on Facebook and over 42,000-page views.

Every time we write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on our website, which means it’s one more opportunity to show up in search engines and drive traffic to our website in organic search.

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Benefits of having a local blog

Sense of community

Producing regular local blogs allow us to create a great sense of community within the areas we work in.


It means we can spark conversations with anyone interested in the current happenings of the area as well as helping out other local businesses.

For example, we recently did a blog about a Café opening in Denton, this meant people in the local area engaged with the post, and it helped us boost our website traffic as well as our social media engagement.

Show off the area

Being an estate agent, it is crucial for us to be in the know what it comes to all things local; producing these blogs ensures that we are.

This then means when we are selling properties, our agents have a wealth of knowledge about the area, meaning they can sell the property itself and the area in which the property is located.

Having a local blog is one of many reasons why we are one of the leading estate agents in our core areas and also one of many reasons why you should sell your property with us.

If you are interested in getting your property on the market today, take a look at our FREE instant online valuation tool and we can help get you moving at the best possible price, in a time frame that suits you.

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