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Who To Tell When You’re Moving Home

House BoxIn between the stress of organising your move, it’s easy to forget to notify everyone who needs to know about your new home.

As well as friends, family and schools, you will also need to update your details with your local council and any services you may wish to take with you.

Follow our easy checklist to quickly update all of the services that apply to you. Most can be done quickly online – taking another weight off your mind ahead of moving day.

Council Tax

You will need to notify your local council that you are the new owner of the property. If you are already a homeowner, you must complete a change of address form.

Where to go:

Electoral Register

You may not be able to vote until you update your details on the electoral roll!

Where to go:

Driving Licence and Log Book

Notify the DVLA of your change of address or you could run the risk of a £1,000 fine.

Where to go:

Energy Suppliers

If you wish to take your existing gas, electricity, and/or water supplier with you to your new address, you will need to inform them that you are moving.

Where to go (Major Companies):

Television Subscriptions

Where to go (Major Companies):

TV Licence

Purchase or transfer your existing TV Licence to your new address.

Where to go:

Mobile Phone Network

If your mobile phone is on a contract, you will have to inform your provider of your new address.

Where to go (major Providers):


Where to go (Major Providers):

Post Redirection

For a fee, Royal Mail will automatically redirect all post from your old address to your new, cutting your risk of identity fraud or losing important documents.

Where to go:

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