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Published on : June 18, 2019 15:27

An image of a summer UK cottage with a thatched roof

Top Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

Summer is here at last! This means warmer weather and lighter evenings, but it also means you are going to have to start preparing your home for the new season.

Beyond the traditional spring clean, scrubbing away all the dirt and mould which will have accumulated over the colder months, there are a number of recommended home improvements you will want to consider to ensure your home is ready for summer.

Declutter your home

This is a great place to start when you are looking to make home improvements, it allows you to see clearly around your house to see the other potential improvements needed.

Over winter houses will inevitably collect dirt both inside and out, give your house a good deep clean to revert back to a healthy and safe environment again.

Hopefully, we will not need any of our winter woollies over the months so it may be a good idea to find somewhere to store these to make room for your summer goodies.

Clear your gutters

The gutters on your home are probably full of leaves, pine needles and other gunk from the winter season.

Now that it’s warm, find a sturdy ladder and clean out the gutters and downpipes, or better yet, hire someone to do it for you.

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Inspect your roof

If you have not already checked this over spring, it is highly recommended as your roof can deteriorate massively throughout winter due to the cold and windy conditions.

This could save you a lot of money long term if you manage to save a small issue escalating into a major problem. See more about keeping your roof in check here.

Nurture your garden

Similarly, your garden is another asset of your home that is incredibly hard to protect throughout the cruel conditions during winter.

As summer is approaching, it is wise to start paying some attention to your garden and help it spring back to life so that is ready for you to enjoy when it eventually becomes warm. Look at trimming your lawn, weeding and planting.

Clean your windows

Your windows will build up muck and dirt of the winter months. To fully appreciate the summer shine, it is recommended to give your windows a good scrub. This will make your home feel a lot brighter.

Clean and repair driveway

Rent or buy a power-washer or hire someone to clean these areas. It’s amazing how a good cleaning can make the exterior of your home look like new again. Summer is the perfect time to repair cracks and joints in concrete walkways, stairs and driveways.

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