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Published on : September 23, 2019 15:22

Is your home prepared for the cold ahead?

Follow these four simple tips to make sure you aren’t left out in the cold this winter.

Test your boiler

There’s nothing worse than waking up, expecting to jump into a nice warm shower, but instead you’re greeted with ice cold water. Not the best start to the day.

So prepare now by getting your boiler and heating system checked by a qualified professional.

Winter-proof your pipes

Pipes can become damaged in the colder weather when the water inside them freezes and expands. This can cause them to burst.

A quick and easy solution to this, is to ensure your pipes are wrapped with insulation.

Rearrange your furniture

Move your sofa, bed or whatever it is, out of the way of your radiators.

Having your radiators obstructed is a sure way to prevent proper heat circulation around your home.


Another way to reduce energy costs is to treat your home to some nice thick curtains, fluffy rugs and draught excluders.

These accessories are great for helping to stop heat from being lost as well as adding a little extra style to your home.

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