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Published on : April 8, 2019 13:49

an image of a road with gates in front of woodlands

Stockport Woodland transforming into a new housing development

There is a piece of wasteland that developers are looking to turning into an area of new homes.

Persimmon Homes, one of the UK’s most successful house builders, want to develop a piece of land off Midland Road in Bramhall.

The area, which has been sitting around for 13 years, is located between Bramhall and Davenport, close to Cheadle Hulme recycling centre.

They are looking to provide a mixture of housing, including family-sized properties to flats.

Sources say:

“The overall vision for the plot is to provide a high-quality place, which respects the character of the area – and ensures connectivity with the existing community,”

“The masterplan will deliver a range of benefits, while the development will create up to 206 dwellings along with a range of facilities to meet the needs of the community.”

Bosses say it is just ‘not possible’ to provide affordable housing as part of the scheme.

“This is due to the substantial amount it will cost to ensure that the former landfill site returns to an appropriate state suitable for residential use and a country park,” added the report.

“Notwithstanding the absence of affordable housing, the site will include a number of smaller homes offering a more affordable price range.”

A new internal spine will be built to link the estate with Midland Road and Geneva Road.

The plot will also include facilities for the homes, including three new children’s play areas helping to make it a perfect place for families to live.

The country park will be made up of 10 hectares of land, which includes both footpaths and woodland areas.

It is expected the development will take around 3 years until its final completion.

Predictions show the country park will generate £6 million for Stockport and help create 39 jobs during the construction period.


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